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700+ Volunteers in 16+ Sectors

Saint Paul Movement - Charity Mission is a youth movement that exerts itself in championing Christ’s cause of love and brotherhood in the world, targeting specifically the youth in the community. It seeks to fulfill its mission via two main forefronts:

The training of its members on the spirit of service and true leadership, passing onto them genuine Christian values.

Its outreach through its members, to communities and individuals in need via schools and parishes, targets social, educational and spiritual levels.

And I have been a constant example of how you can help those in need by working hard. You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: it is more blessed to give than to receive Acts 20:35

The main activities revolve around organizing social activities to strengthen the sense of belonging to society and raise awareness of the dangers of racism. Providing training camps that consist of soft skills training and several sessions to tackle spiritual and psycho-social issues with practical applications aiming for inner betterment. And each year, summer camps are organized across all Lebanese territories. They promote core values of love and brotherhood, in activities specifically tailored for children between the ages from 5 to 13.

Child Protection Policy

Protecting child from violence, abuse and neglect

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Norms, rules and proper practice of our members

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Saint Paul Movement in Numbers

710+ Active members aged from 15-45
739+ Activities /per year
16+ Sectors

Movement's Board

Father Joseph Salloum

Chaplain General

Patrick Abou Akl


Maria Mouchantaf


Father Dr. Salim Battani

Movement's Board Secretary

Dr Michel Bou Chaaya

Movement's Board Member

Naji Fakhoury

Movement's Board Member

Dr. Tony Karam

Movement's Board Member

Samer Hareb

Movement's Board Member

Charbel Zoghbi

Events & Logistics Department Coordinator

Catherina Medawar

Secretariat & Statistics Department Coordinator

Dr.Joey El Khoury

Media & Information Department Coordinator

Dr.Michel Bou Chaaya

Communication Department Coordinator

Elissia Hazzam

Finance & Accounting Department Coordinator

Raghida Gerges

Spiritual Development Department Coordinator

Joseph Yazbeck

Apostolic Camps Department Coordinator

Naji Fakhoury

Mentoring and Coaching Department Coordinator

Patrick Abou Akl

Organisational Development Department Coordinator

Maria Mouchantaf

Learning and Development Department

Joelle Nader

Sagesse High School Sector Manager

Marguerita Yazbeck

Dayshounieh Sector Manager

Juliana Rayess

Dekwaneh Sector Manager

Georges Eid

Jdeide Sector Manager

Ralph Bsaibes

Ana Khayyak Sector Manager

Marianne Bou Zerdane

Ain Najem Sector Manager

Roudy Sidawi

St Michel Zouk Mikael Sector Manager

Martina Chaaya

Mansouriyeh Sector Manager

Jhonny Khairallah

Bouar Sector Manager

Rana Moussa

Al Wadeya Sector Manager

Paula Kanaan

SSCC Damour Sector Manager

Stephanie Abou Halloun

Jesr El Basha Sector Manager

Fouad Fahed

Feytroun Sector Manager

Nicole Hazzam

Jeita Sector Manager

Elias Farah

Ferzol Sector Manager

Maroun Karam

Dbayeh Sector Manager

Constant Banta

Chad Territory Coach

Charles Pirkolossou

Sacred Heart Sector Manager

Abba Richard Amin

Saints Felicitas and Perpetua Sector Manager

Bertrand Ngaryo

Emmanuel Sector Manager

Youth Village

Youth village is a place for every person who wants to connect with God. For every person who wants to be a leader and make a change within himself and others, for every person who wants to meet his friends, christian with muslim, christian with christian, muslim with muslim. People from the North with others from the South, Bekaa residents with Beirut residents. In this village we are going to break the barrier and build bridges, we are going to wipe away the fear from deep within and plant openness. In this village we will be fond of praying even more and go even deeper to reach our Savior, our God.

Publications | Nidalouna

Our book Nidalouna is divided into two parts. In the first part we find a simplified description of our movement, its goals and spirituality and various activities. In the second section we find an objective explanation of the history of the movement from its foundation in 2000 until the year 2012, including statistics that help evaluate our movement’s journey and its performance during that time.

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  • Email:info@charity-mission.org
  • Phone:+961-4-533831
  • Mobile:+961-3-294488